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Salem Red Sox update: Sean Coyle, Henry Ramos, Mike Augliera

Sean Coyle is back, Ramos slows down a bit, and Augliera has been on a roll.

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Sean Coyle, 2B

2013 21 Salem CARL A+ 162 7 1 10 11 0 13 45 .248 .309 .517 .826
2013 21 Red Sox GULF Rk 24 0 0 1 1 1 3 6 .150 .292 .300 .592
2013 21 Greenville SALL A 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .375 .375 .375 .750
4 Seasons 1156 66 10 34 48 7 106 280 .247 .334 .434 .768
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Generated 8/7/2013.

Hey look, Sean Coyle is back! He's been out for much of the year with a knee injury, but he started a rehab assignment on August 3, putting him back in games. He's not back with Salem yet, but he could be shortly, unless the Sox plan to just leave him at Low-A Greenville for the rest of the year given the presence of Mookie Betts in High-A.

Coyle was striking out too often, and, in an unusual twist for him, not drawing enough walks prior to the injury. He was, however, mashing the ball all over the place and showing off on the basepaths, as his 11-for-11 and 10 homers with a .269 Isolated Power suggest. He's still all of 21, and could be in a very different place this season than he is now had he stayed healthy, whether it was the league adjusting to him or Coyle figuring out where the lost walks went. It'll be interesting to see how he manages to close out what was looking like a rebound campaign after his tough 2012 introduction to the Carolina League.


Henry Ramos, OF

2013 21 Salem CARL A+ 437 17 5 12 11 11 49 79 .257 .341 .424 .765
4 Seasons 1466 66 14 28 50 33 123 292 .260 .326 .396 .722
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Ramos has come down a bit from his mid-season explosion at the plate, but there's still a lot to like here. He's just 21, is striking out 18 percent of the time while still managing to draw walks 11 percent of the time, and he's shown some pop at the plate. About the only real concern is the stolen bases, which he should stop attempting sometime around yesterday.

He's likely lost his chance at a promotion to Double-A, given it will take the last few weeks of the season to prove his performance merits an in-season bump, but still, he's in a pretty good place for a guy who was relatively unknown just a few months back. He could begin next year with Portland, and, if all goes well, actually manage to give the Red Sox an outfield prospect worth keeping an eye on.


Mike Augliera, RHP

Year Age Tm Lg Lev ERA GS IP BF WHIP H/9 HR/9 BB/9 SO/9 SO/BB
2013 23 Salem CARL A+ 4.06 21 113.0 476 1.310 9.4 0.7 2.4 5.0 2.10
2 Seasons 4.15 35 151.2 633 1.273 9.5 0.7 2.0 6.3 3.21
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Augliera's season still doesn't look impressive on the whole, but he's had his moments, including three Pitcher of the Week honors in the Carolina League in the last five weeks. He has 10 strikeouts against three walks in his last three starts and 19 innings, a stretch where he managed to hold opponents to just two runs, and that's just the latest in a two-month run that has produced a 3.27 ERA over 55 innings and 10 starts.

He's not going to be a big strikeout guy, but he's also not going to be a starter in the long-term -- if he can keep the walks and the ball down in a relief role, he'll do fine for himself even without the whiffs. Command is the key for him going forward, as the control has always been there -- he didn't lead the NCAA in strikeout-to-walk ratio because of luck last spring. So long as he's able to adjust to what constitutes a quality strike, rather than just a strike, as he moves up the organizational ladder, he'll get to keep on reaching for that next rung.

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