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Shane Victorino is a classy dude

Victorino takes to Twitter to apologize for nearly hitting Brandon McCarthy in the head with a liner.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Shane Victorino had a successful Sunday against the Diamondbacks, reaching base four times thanks to a pair of hits and hit by pitches. In one at-bat, though, he nearly hit opposing pitcher Brandon McCarthy in the head with a ball right back up the middle.

As you likely remember, McCarthy's 2012 season was ended on a line drive that struck him in the head, a frightening moment that later resulted in emergency surgery to repair additional damage. McCarthy dropped out of the way of Victorino's liner about as fast as the human body can, so the incident was thankfully not repeated:


Now that the serious part is out of the way, let's get to the jokes. McCarthy's wife, Amanda McCarthy, took to Twitter following the near-incident, which got a response out of Shanf:

It's very much representative of the times we live in that we can watch a baseball player who nearly hits another player in the head apologize over Twitter to said player's wife. It's a good time to live in, though, given Victorino was classy about it and also wishes McCarthy -- whom the Red Sox won't see again in 2013 unless they meet in the World Series -- luck the rest of the way.

Plus, this is a far, far better Baseball Player chatting up Baseball Player Wife story than the one Matt Garza got into over the weekend.

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