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Game 133: Red Sox vs. Orioles

The Red Sox won their series against the Dodgers, by far the best sign we've had out of them in this annoying month. But now we're headed into the stretch run, which in 2013 means tons of games against the AL East.

Yes, the Orioles have fallen back a bit, but all it takes is one series to dramatically change the race. And so far, the Orioles have made good in their chances against the Red Sox with six wins in ten tries.

All this is to say that just because the Red Sox took out one of the game's best teams doesn't mean the danger is over. Not by a long shot. The Sox need to establish that they're out of the slump by taking names at home. This game may not be their absolute best chance in the series--Wei-Yin Chen is no easy assignment--but if we can't win against their good pitchers with our good pitchers on the mound, that's a problem.

Defend Fenway. Go Sox!