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Xander Bogaerts so excited to play for Red Sox he couldn't dress himself

Someday you can tell your grandchildren about the time that Xander Bogaerts didn't know how to put a shirt on.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Xander Bogaerts is the best prospect the Red Sox have had in ages, one lauded for his maturity and poise at the plate despite his youth. He's still just a kid playing baseball, though, and on Tuesday night, it was played on the world's biggest stage in his major-league debut.

The excitement might have gotten the best of him:

It's for the best that Mike Napoli noticed Bogaerts' fashion faux pas when he did. What if Bogaerts had gotten his first big-league hit with his warm-up shirt on backwards, and mashed a homer or two in his debut night? Would this have become a thing enforced on him by the other players, sacrificing comfort for production? They're baseball players, so yeah, probably.

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