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Video: All 11 2013 Red Sox walk-off wins

Hopefully there are more to come, but as of August 2, here are all 11 in one video.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox won against the Mariners in walk-off fashion on Thursday -- well, okay, they won against them twice in walk-off fashion on Thursday, thanks to a 15-inning affair that ventured into the next day. Those were the 10th and 11th walk-off victories for Boston this season, which leads the league and is also the most that the club has had in a single season since 1978.

Technology is a little further ahead now than it was the last time the Sox managed this feat, and that means we can show you all 11 in one video, courtesy of Let's hope there are more where these 11 came from, and a future iteration of this compilation becomes necessary. For now, though, 11 is good for five minutes of last-chance hopes, celebrations, and jerseys getting ripped right off of the game-winning player.

So many jerseys getting ripped off the game-winning player.

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