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Red Sox trade for Justin Morneau 'not likely' per report

Boston might have a hole at first base, but they won't go to Morneau to fill it.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli battling plantar fasciitis and the Twins' Justin Morneau passed through waivers, you might think there's a potential fit for Boston and Minnesota. Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press thought so, but according to his discussions with a Twins' source, they "Don't see it" happening. Cross that Morneau off of your wish list, kids.

Then again, it's probably a good thing if the Red Sox haven't bothered to check in on Morneau or his price. He's hitting all of .261/.315/.417 and has a 98 OPS+ over the last three years, during which he's dealt with concussions and their career-altering fallout. Boston can employ Daniel Nava (.290/.377/.431, 120 OPS+) and Mike Carp (.310/.368/.561, 149 OPS+) at first base in Napoli's absence, and even if that's above what they'll achieve for the rest of the season, it's not as if Morneau provides a clear upgrade -- Boston's chances are better if they stick with what they know here.

If Napoli's plantar fasciitis ends up becoming a problem for the rest of the season, the Red Sox have some options to get creative at first base. Nava should be spending time in the outfield to platoon with Jonny Gomes, but the Red Sox could always call up Jackie Bradley Jr. (or wait until rosters expand in September) and have him help out on that front, leaving Nava to split time with Carp based on match-ups or defensive needs. If the Red Sox decide to move Xander Bogaerts around the diamond in order to get his bat in the lineup, he could take some reps at first base or in the outfield, as well, though, it's possible the Sox don't want to push him to learn new positions and new pitchers all at once.

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