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Red Sox calling up top prospect Xander Bogaerts

The Bogaerts era is set to begin in Boston.


The Red Sox will call up top shortstop prospect Xander Bogaerts Monday according to Alex Speier of WEEI.

Bogaerts, 20, has seen a meteoric rise in the prospecting world over the past few years, to the point where, as he's continued to improve through his first full year in the upper levels, some have talked about him possibly being the best the minor leagues has to offer.

It's not hard to see why. Over the course of the season, Bogaerts has hit .299/.389/.481 in 511 plate appearances between Double-A Portland and Triple-A Pawtucket. This as a 20-year-old shortstop whose improving glove seems more and more likely to stick there, at least for his first few years in the majors. Bogaerts is a middle infielder with significant power, an advanced approach both at the plate and to the game in general, and room to grow. What's not to love?

All gushing aside, though, Bogaerts is just a prospect getting his first taste of the majors one month before he can legally buy a beer. The flagging Red Sox might be hoping he can give them a boost of energy, perhaps spelling Stephen Drew against left-handed pitchers. But whatever their hopes and whatever the hype, Bogaerts comes with all the caveats of  any top prospect showing up in the majors for the first time. Mike Trout was awful in his first season. Dustin Pedroia couldn't hit anything when he first made the Show. "Cautious optimism" is probably the best track to take here.

But even with all the caution in the world, it's hard not to get excited. This is the landmark player Red Sox fans have been waiting for to establish the foundation for the next wave. For the first time in six years, the Red Sox have a potentially franchise-changing prospect coming up from the minors. Let's hope he can make good on his considerable potential.

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