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Red Sox closer Koji Uehara's 2014 option vests

With his Tuesday appearance, Uehara is guaranteed to be in the Sox bullpen for one more year.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

It was confirmed on Monday that Red Sox closer Koji Uehara had a vesting option in his contract that would kick in after his 55th appearance, keeping him around for the 2014 season. On Tuesday, Uehara came in to close out the 10th inning and then shut the Blue Jays down in the 11th after Boston took the lead. The Red Sox not only picked up a win on the field, but off it as well, as this appearance happened to be Uehara's 55th of 2013.

It was all but official, but now it's, well, official: Uehara will earn $4.25 million in 2014, just as he has in 2013, and can make $5 million instead if he finishes 35 games for the Red Sox. He's currently at 24 on the season after Tuesday, and has over six weeks of baseball left to get another 11. The Red Sox certainly won't mind shelling out a little more money for their high-five-loving stopper, though, as he's been one of the best pitchers on the club all season long, despite his role in the bullpen -- and that's with a productive rotation in tow, too.

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