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Are the Red Sox recalling Will Middlebrooks?

Maybe his lineup status doesn't mean anything, but hey, maybe it does!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Update 2:48 pm: A day off for Will Middlebrooks it is. Though, as said, we don't know if it's just for a breather or as a response to Wednesday's ejection:


Will Middlebrooks last appeared in a game with the Red Sox on June 20, and has been in Triple-A trying to find consistency in his swing and approach since. He wasn't called up on Wednesday after third baseman Jose Iglesias -- who took Middlebrooks' job from him -- was dealt to the Tigers in the three-way trade that netted the Sox Jake Peavy. It's a new day, though, one past the trade deadline and Boston's potential attempts at acquiring a different third baseman. So, when we see that Middlebrooks isn't in the PawSox lineup on Thursday night... can forgive us for thinking he might be getting the call. However, there is reason to believe this isn't the case, and that it's simply a day off.

Middlebrooks was ejected from Wednesday's contest after slamming his helmet in front of the umpire. He was clearly frustrated, and while it's not our job to get in his head and see what it was about, it could have stemmed from the fact Brock Holt got the call to the Sox and not Middlebrooks. If that's the case, it's completely understandable that he would be upset -- no judgment here. But, given the way the PawSox handled Iglesias' own dissatisfaction with his minor-league role earlier in the season, benching him for a few games so he could get his head in the right place, it wouldn't be shocking if manager Gary DiSarcina decided to give Middlebrooks his own day to reflect.

If not, well, maybe he's driving up to Boston for Thursday's contest against the Mariners right now, or it's just a regular old day off so that Bogaerts can get some more time in at third base. Expect a lot of questions about the situation until the Red Sox make a decision on one of the two in the coming weeks.

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