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Red Sox reportedly recalling Jackie Bradley Jr.

With Boston's outfield dealing with injuries, the Sox will turn to one of their top prospects and finest defenders.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are reportedly set to call up one of their top prospects, Jackie Bradley Jr., in time for Tuesday night's game against the Seattle Mariners, according to MLB Daily Dish's Joon Lee.

Jacoby Ellsbury missed Monday night's game with a wrist injury, forcing Daniel Nava to play center field -- if Bradley is being called up, then it's unlikely Ellsbury is set to return to Boston's lineup in the next couple of days, and the Sox simply want to avoid anymore of Nava in center flanked by two below-average corner outfielders in Jonny Gomes and Mike Carp. The fact that Bradley didn't play Monday night for Pawtucket suggests he was already on his way to Seattle, as well.

While Shane Victorino was also out on Monday, he was available in case of emergency, so it's unlikely he's headed to the disabled list as the corresponding move. It's more likely that one of the Red Sox bullpen arms with an option -- Jose De La Torre, Alex Wilson, or Alfredo Aceves -- are on their way back to Triple-A Pawtucket. As both Wilson and De La Torre pitched on Monday, the Red Sox wouldn't necessarily be missing their presence over the short term, and they still have other bullpen options at Pawtucket to recall when Bradley has finished his stint filling in for Ellsbury.

Bradley has been dominating the International League, and has hit .297/.393/.530 in 45 games and 215 plate appearances there. While he performed poorly in his first taste of major-league play, Bradley looked further along in his development in his second trip to the level -- hopefully, for Boston's sake, he's taken another step or two forward since then, and can be an asset to them for more than just his glove while he's on the big-league roster.

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