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Andrew Miller to have season-ending surgery on foot

Andrew Miller's season is over, as Boston's injury woes continue.


And just like that, Andrew Miller's season is over.

The Red Sox broke the news today that the scans performed on Miller's injured foot have come back very bad indeed, revealing ligament damage that will require season-ending surgery to fix.

A couple of years ago we might be celebrating the round-about way of getting Andrew Miller out of the rotation. Now, though, we're lamenting the loss of a surprisingly good left-handed reliever. While Miller is still in some ways the same pitcher as ever--often pure, wild, unrefined stuff, he's managed to harness it enough in coming out of the bullpen to be effective. Making up for his walks with a wipeout slider and the metric ton of strikeouts it created, Miller held a 2.64 ERA in 30 innings of work on the season.

The Red Sox had already been in the market for a reliever. Now they'll certainly be looking to acquire a lefty in addition to anything they were already considering. Any possibility that the bullpen could make do with what it had has clearly just gone out the window.

Busy days ahead for Boston.

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