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Red Sox sign international free agent Yoan Aybar

The Red Sox have signed international free agent Yoan Aybar for $450,000.


According to Alex Speier of WEEI, the Red Sox have signed international free agent Yoan Aybar.

Aybar, a 16-year-old, left-handed outfielder out of the Dominican Republic, hits just about every buzzword in the international free agent dictionary. At least those pertaining to a 16-year-old. Per Speier, Aybar is "athletic," 'projectable," and "raw" but "with upside." He's got an arm, a swing, and the possibility for power down the line.

According to the International Prospect League (which also has a couple pictures of the young Aybar), Yoan's signing bonus is worth $450,000--a fair amount to pay for a 16-year-old player, but well below the amount spent on his peers in Rafael Devers and Emmanuel DeJesus.

Chances are we won't be hearing about Yoan Aybar for a while yet. But that's what we might have said about Xander Bogaerts when he signed back in 2009 for $510,000, and he's been all over the radar for at least two or three years now.