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Red Sox trade rumors: Red Sox "actively talking" with Cubs on Matt Garza

The Red Sox are in on Matt Garza, as is just about every other contender in the game.


According to Buster Olney, the Red Sox and Cubs are "actively talking" about a potential Matt Garza trade.

Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it's worth noting that the Red Sox are far from alone in that:

The Chicago Cubs are making progress in their discussions about right-hander Matt Garza, and are actively talking with Texas, Boston, Toronto, Cleveland, the Dodgers and maybe Baltimore and a couple of more teams in the NL West.

That gets very near to the point where it makes more sense to just start listing teams that aren't in on Garza.

It's no surprise that the Red Sox are after the right-handed starter. After all, their scouts were present at Garza's dominant start against the Athletics on Wednesday. With little doubt that the Red Sox are going to be buyers at the deadline, and Garza one of the hotter commodities available on the market, it's only to be expected that the two would be connected.

Still, this is confirmation, and the first that we've had showing that the two teams are actually in open contact. We'll see if that doesn't heat up some after Garza's most recent outing.

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