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Daily Red Sox Links: Xander Bogaerts, Michael Young, Jake Peavy

Today's links deal with the many rumors surrounding the trade deadline, as well as some possible reinforcements in the organization.


Boston's offense has been lacking a bit as of late, especially against lefties. Is it time to call up Xander Bogaerts? (Mike Salk;

A lot of focus has gone into who the front office should deem "untouchable" this deadline, but here are a few young players the Red Sox should try to move. (Ben Carsley; Fire Brand of the AL)

Consider Mike Napoli among those who would be in favor of a trade for Michael Young. (Evan Drellich;

With the deadline just a day and a half away, the Red Sox need to take stock of their situation and decide how they should move forward. (Alex Speier;

The staff at Baseball Prospectus runs through some mock negotiations for one of the top targets of the Red Sox, Jake Peavy. (Baseball Prospectus Staff)

Chad Finn runs through some of the priorities the Red Sox should have going into the trade deadline. (Chad Finn;

It would obviously be nice for the Red Sox to boost their roster for the stretch run, but according to John Farrell, they won't rush into anything. (Tony Lee; ESPN Boston)

One of Boston's possible targets could've been Scott Downs, but he was traded to Atlanta yesterday. (Aaron Gleeman; Hardball Talk)

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