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Game 86: Red Sox vs. Padres

Don't look now, but the Red Sox are kind of on a roll again. Winners of 6-of-7 games, 3.5 up on the AL East, and with a relatively easy stretch of their schedule coming up, this could be a good little run for them.

But all it takes is one bad game to set a team off in the wrong direction, particularly with the West Coast trip coming up. And losing to Edinson Volquez...well, it wouldn't be good, that's for damn sure. Even with the struggling (but perhaps rebounding?) Jon Lester on the mound, this is kind of a game that the Sox should be winning.

Which in years past has been the one that they too-often lose. Particularly in year past. Or year and a month past. You get my point. So let's win this one, yeah?

Go Sox!