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MLB Draft 2013: Ryan Boldt chooses Nebraska after Fenway visit

The Red Sox tried to woo him, but Boldt will head to college and reenter the draft in the future.

The Red Sox managed to squeeze two first-round talents into their draft in Trey Ball and, depending on your tastes, Jon Denney. They could have managed an arguable third if they were able to pull off signing their 22nd-round pick, high school talent and Baseball America's #58th-ranked draft prospect Ryan Boldt, but that isn't going to happen. The Red Sox brought the Nebraska commit to Fenway Park in an attempt to sway him towards skipping out on college and turning pro, but Boldt has chosen college and a future attempt at the MLB draft over signing a deal now.

As Baseball America's Jim Callis mentioned on Tuesday, it comes down to the Red Sox just not having enough money to lure Boldt away, thanks to the draft budgets forced on them and every other big-league team. Boston had roughly $1.13 million available to them when you combine their current under-budget money remaining to them with the near $342,000 in overages they could spend before incurring the loss of a draft pick. Even if the Red Sox had decided Boldt was worth losing their 2014 first-round pick for -- and there's an argument to be had that he could be worth that -- that only would have given them another $342,000 or so to work with -- as Callis argued, and Boldt's actions likely reinforce, it wouldn't have been enough.

Still, though, Boston's drafting and subsequent signings have gone well, and they still have that $1.13 million available to spend on someone like Jordan Sheffield, who has undergone Tommy John surgery and will likely require far less of a bonus than Boldt was looking for. Even if that doesn't work out, the Red Sox did well for themselves in getting Ball and Denney in a single draft, as well as the various other intriguing names they've drafted and inked in the last few weeks.

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