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Filed under:'s top 100 prospects list includes eight Red Sox

Eight Red Sox have made their way onto's top 100 prospects list, including Xander Bogaerts ranked sixth overall.


Eight Red Sox grace's mid-season revision of its top 100 prospects list, including Xander Bogaerts coming in at number six.

Boston's rankings are as follows:

#6: Xander Bogaerts

#32: Jackie Bradley Jr.

#50: Allen Webster

#57: Henry Owens

#59: Matt Barnes

#88: Anthony Ranaudo

#91: Garin Cecchini

#95: Trey Ball

As per usual, proves something of an outlier compared to other such lists. Between Baseball America, Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, Bullpen Banter, Keith Law, and Minor League Ball, for instance, Xander Bogaerts did not come in higher than fourth, compared to his sixth place finish here. Garin Cecchini never fell out of the top 50 compared to 91st on

On the flip side of things, we have Allen Webster enjoying his only top-50 finish, and Trey Ball enjoying his only other placement outside of Bullpen Banter's last pick--though to be fair, is one of the only mid-season lists to go to 100, with most others cutting out at 50 or 75.

No matter who you ask, though, the consensus is pretty easy to grasp: Boston's got one heck of a farm system right now, with plenty of depth, and a fantastic top-end in Xander Bogaerts.

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