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Daily Red Sox Links: Jacoby Ellsbury, Jonny Gomes, Koji Uehara

Today's edition includes stories on what Jacoby Ellsbury's recent surge mean to Boston, Jonny Gomes' reliability against lefties, and the reaction of one Red Sox to Ryan Braun's suspension.


Alex Speier explains what Jacoby Ellsbury's recent surge means for the Red Sox now and for the future. (Alex Speier;

This week will prove why Boston signed Jonny Gomes. He destroys lefties. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

So Koji Uehara has been pretty good serving as the club's closer, a position which is known for its pressure -- something Uehara hasn't felt in years. (Evan Drellich;

Just like Ellsbury, Mike Napoli is has rediscovered his stride at the plate. (Tony Lee;

Everybody is loving this year's Red Sox team, but Steve Buckley believes a letdown is imminent. (Steve Buckley; Boston Herald)

Can Boston's prospects save its bullpen? Ben Carsley weighs in on that question. (Ben Carsley; Fire Brand of the AL)

Former Red Sox Gabe Kapler continues his grand story telling on WEEI. Yesterday, he discussed why it's time to re-educate players in meaningful statistics. (Gabe Kapler;

Shane Victorino reacts to Ryan Braun's suspension. (Rob Bradford;