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Game 101: Red Sox vs. Rays

We've been overtaken by mania. First Buchholz, then Garza, then Braun. All kind of clumped together, really. But now it's time for a game featuring none of those players, and one which really demands our attention: Red Sox vs. Rays.

A win tonight and the Sox have tripped up the Rays, perhaps halting their momentum in the game that should be one of Tampa's best matchups, pitching-wise.

A loss tonight, and the Rays have just one more win on their ridiculous tear, and are within half a game of Boston. The snowball gathers speed, mass, and closes the distance all in one.

This one is important. To the point where I really, really wish the Sox could swap Workman and Lackey's starts. But they can't, so it's on the rookie. Go out there and have yourself a game. And please, Red Sox, give him the support he needs.

Go Sox!