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Clay Buchholz to visit Dr. James Andrews for "peace of mind"

Clay Buchholz is making the dreaded journey to Dr. James Andrews, but John Farrell says there's no reason to get too worried just yet.

Jim Rogash

Clay Buchholz will visit Dr. James Andrews tomorrow, but according to John Farrell, the trip will be for peace of mind, and is not indicative of something more serious.

The stigma attached to a visit to Andrews is...significant. Often the herald of season-ending surgery, anytime Andrews' name is brought up, fans fear the worst. But the worst is not always reality, and this will not be the first time the Red Sox have sent a pitcher to Andrews expecting nothing but positive news. Josh Beckett had one such trip not long ago, and he didn't end up on the 60-day DL.

Still, it's hard to blame fans if they don't take Farrell's word for it. For a team likely to be major players in the upcoming trade deadline, it wouldn't make sense for the Red Sox to tip their hand re: Buchholz' healthy. Frankly this is what they'd say about a visit to Andrews even if Buchholz' entire arm had popped off overnight.

At least we'll have some answers within the next ten days. This saga has dragged on too long as is.