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Andrew Bailey placed on disabled list with shoulder injury, Jose De La Torre called up

The Red Sox have placed Andrew Bailey on the disabled list, calling up Jose De La Torre to take his place.

Duane Burleson

Andrew Bailey is headed back to the disabled list with a shoulder injury, leaving the Red Sox without one of their most...volatile relief pitchers.

While it has now been confirmed by, well, just about everyone else on the Red Sox beat, the news was broken by Peter Gammons, in the most Peter Gammons of fashion:

Shades of "is [John Lackey] going to need Tommy John Surgery]" from 2011. At this point every pocket tweet by Gammons should probably be taken as gospel.

Back to the original point, though: Andrew Bailey is gone, which has pretty much been the norm during his tenure with the team. It's unfortunate that this is coming now, after Bailey started to record outs again, rather than two weeks ago when every appearance brought another heart attack.

For now, the Red Sox will turn to Jose De La Torre to fill his roster spot. But one wonders if the Sox won't be moving forward with the assumption that Andrew Bailey will not be available to them in any given day, week, or month.

[Update] the news looks particularly grim:

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