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Red Sox 0, Athletics 3: Still Fall the Bats

A game with not much action—as the Sox couldn't solve A. J. Griffin, and went down 3-0—calls for a minimalist recap.


Little to recap

Mostly nothing all night long

Neither good nor bad.

Lester was average

Better than in recent starts

But not Cy Young-like.

Six innings he went

Plus one out in the seventh

And gave up three runs.

A quality start?

First pitch was often "strike one,"

Only three free passes.

Six hits? Not so great,

But not all that bad, really.

Could have won tonight.

Derek Norris hit

A home run against Lester

In the fifth inning.

Walking Jed Lowrie

In the sixth brought in run two

After two singles.

A walk and single

In the top of the seventh

Ended Lester's night.

Tazawa pitched out

The rest of tonight's short game

But allowed a run

To Coco Crisp,

Scoring this time Josh Reddick,

One more Sox alum,

Which would count against

Tonight's pitcher of record:

That would be Lester,

Because all night long

Quiet Sox bats were missing


They had seven hits

(Shane Victorino had two)

But not much power:

All singles, except

For Napoli's one double

In the fourth inning.

Could one argue that

Jon Lester was unluckier

Than A. J. Griffin?

Perhaps, as the Sox

Had six hits against Griffin

Across eight innings.

But that one big hit,

The one that would give the Sox

A crooked number

Never fell tonight.

They came closest in the sixth

With Ortiz at third

After reaching on

A Grant Green throwing error

And Nava single.

But Salty could not

Deliver, flying to left

To end the inning.

Grant Balfour's ninth frame

Got him a save, although he

Let Nap get a hit.

All in all, tonight

Is easily forgotten.

A's win, three-nothing.

Sunday's rubber game

Is the last before the break.

And with that: Go Sox!