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MLB Draft 2013 results: Red Sox select RHP Kyle Martin #263 overall

Boston selects another senior, one who had a rough campaign while starting for Texas A&M.

The Red Sox selected another senior with their ninth-round pick of the 2013 MLB draft, picking right-handed pitcher Kyle Martin. He's 6-foot-6 according to, and 6-foot-7 according to his bio at the Texas A&M website. The latter also says Martin is 220 pounds, not 195, so either someone is fibbing or someone has out-of-date information. It's probably the more boring scenario.

Martin appeared in 33 games as a sophomore, the second-most in Texas A&M history, and then appeared in 38 the following season. He missed plenty of bats in college, but struggled a bit in his senior year, posting a 5.08 ERA with reduced strikeout rates and a jump in hits. He made seven starts, the first time he's ever been a starter, so maybe heading back to relief will help smooth over the ugliness of his senior campaign.

If nothing else, the Red Sox should be able to sign Martin well under slot -- well, well under slot given his 2013 -- giving them the opportunity to spend the money elsewhere, whether it be on someone within the first 10 rounds of the draft, or later on in the final 30 rounds, when bonuses of over $100,000 count against the draft budget.

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