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MLB Draft 2013 results: Red Sox select outfielder Forrestt Allday #233 overall

The Red Sox selected outfielder Forrestt Allday with their eighth-round pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

Mike Stobe

The Red Sox have selected Forrestt Allday out of Central Arkansas with their eighth-round pick in the 2013 MLB Draft.

Allday, 22, is a 5'11, 190 pound outfielder whose numbers are kind of ridiculous. In 2011, playing in junior college, he produced a .554 on-base percentage. After moving up to Division I Central Arkansas in 2012, he repeated the performance, that number would .486.

Allday seems to be content to take his walks when they're offered to him, ranking fourth in the nation with more than one per game in 2012. That tends to be a good skill to have, and can certainly mask some deficiencies in pure physical abilities. And sometimes they develop oddly and you end up with Kevin "Greek God of walks" Youkilis.

No, Forrestt Allday is not Kevin Youkilis.

Really, though, none of that matters in light of the fact that his name is Forrestt Allday. Wherever the rest of his tools stand, he's got an 80 name.

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