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MLB Draft 2013 results: Red Sox select outfielder Jordon Austin #173 overall

The Red Sox' sixth round selection is Jordon Austin, an outfielder of of Ocala, Flordia

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox have selected outfielder Jordon Austin out of Ocala, Florida with their sixth-round pick in the 2013 MLB draft.

Information on Austin is relatively sparse, but does have a scouting video:

That first hit looked like something special, and that's from a year ago. At 6'0" and 195 pounds, he's probably added some weight and muscle from that time, and while a 4.57 to first is not a good number, he was rounding it all the way, so it's not exactly an accurate representation of speed.

Add in a good throwing arm, and Austin seems like a solid all-around player. The kind of guy athlete who could hit surprisingly big for a sixth round pick. Not a bad way to go in these later rounds where everyone is, at best, a lottery ticket to begin with.

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