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Red Sox - Angels rained out, doubleheader set for Saturday

The Red Sox and Angels have been rained out, and will play a Saturday day - night doubleheader.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox have looked at the radar, and decided it does not look good, postponing tonight's game against the Angels and setting a day - night doubleheader for Saturday.

It's been a year of rain delays--long, torturous rain delays, at that--both for the Red Sox and the rest of the league. The Royals and Cardinals played a game about a week ago that ended after 3 AM central. We of course enjoyed that debacle in New York where the game was delayed with no rain, then started, then delayed again when rain came later, restarted, and once again delayed after a few outs as the torrents returned.

While I'm sure some people's plans have been adversely affected, at least now they know well ahead of time, and we can all do something with our lives tonight rather than waiting to hear when or if the game will be played.

Good on the Red Sox.