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MLB Draft 2013: Keith Law's final mock draft changes Red Sox pick

It's the last one, and ESPN's prospect analyst used it to switch gears once more.

Jim Rogash

Keith Law has been all over the place with who the Red Sox are going to pick -- not through any fault of his own, but Boston has been all over the place, too. Law has now released his final mock draft mere hours before the real thing goes down, and he once again shifted gears. Whereas earlier in the week he had gone back to his original pick, right-handed pitcher Ryne Stanek, Law has no switched over to another previous entry: high school outfielder Austin Meadows.

So, it comes to this. Clint Frazier vs. Austin Meadows seems to be the real question of the day, one that will be avoided if Kohl Stewart or, as Law says (possibly as fallout from Dominic Smith maybe being picked by the Rockies at #3) Kris Bryant happens to fall to them. You can't just assume that one of the top-four picks will fall to #7, though, so figuring out which of Meadows or Frazier is going to be the one is priority #1.

They're both high school outfielders, and both from Georgia. They're both raw, but Frazier seemingly less so -- he's more of a baseball player already, with his impressive five-tool set already blossoming. Meadows is more raw, but the scouts who love him think he's going to be something special. As it's been, it doesn't seem as if there is a wrong answer, just maybe one of them is more correct. We won't know which for years, of course, so we'll just have to hope that the Red Sox guess -- okay, guess is probably the wrong word for scouts and a front office that have been busting ass on the draft -- right.

Personally, I'm just happy that the Stanek rumors are once again dead. Of all the players projected to this spot, and there have been quite a few, he always seemed like the oddest fit -- more like the kind of player the Red Sox would have, in the past, hoped would fall to them with their pick in the 20s. That doesn't seem like a quality use of a rare top-10 pick, whereas with any of Meadows, Frazier, Stewart, Bryant, Moran, or any the others mentioned for the spot, that seventh-overall selection seems like it'll be put to great use.

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