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Daily Red Sox Links: Will Middlebrooks, Stephen Drew, Draft

Today's links look at stories including Jose Iglesias' improvements in his approach at the plate, the Biogenesis scandal, and the Rule 4 draft, which kicks off tonight.

Brian Kersey

In an interview on WEEI last night, John Farrell indicated that Will Middlebrooks would be staying down in Pawtucket on his rehab assignment until he gained some offensive momentum. (Griffin Tewksbury;

Speaking of Middlebrooks, his replacement, Jose Iglesias, has shown some real improvement at the plate. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

The guys at Sox Prospects look at some potential for targets for Boston in the Rule 4 draft, which begins tonight. (Mike Andrews; ESPN Boston)

Ian Browne gives us his takes on all things relating to tonight's draft. (Ian Browne;

With all of the success the Red Sox have been having this season, it's not as if they haven't suffered any injuries. Alex Speier explores the depth that's pushed them to this great start. (Alex Speier;

There are a lot of different opinions of Stephen Drew's playing abilities floating around these days, but it's impossible to question the shortstop's competitiveness. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

With the Biogenesis scandal still fresh in people's minds, Hunter Golden gives his thoughts on the subject. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)