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Game 60: Red Sox vs. Rangers

If games were years, and our season was a person, it could qualify for the Canadian Pension plan!

Don't ask me how I know that.

Anyways, it's 60 games into the season, and the Red Sox are hoping that, when it's in the book, they'll have the best record in the entire American League.

I'm not saying we should be completely surprised. Ben Cherington did a good job giving this team a shot to compete with the way he handled the offseason, and while not all his bets have completely paid off, the Sox have found enough from the rest of the squad that it's more than evened out.

Now, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. 60 games isn't 162. But having put that slump behind them, having finally beaten the Rangers, and sitting 13 games over .500...Well, if you've still got serious reservations, particularly pre-deadline, I'd like to hear them.

Go Sox!