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MLB Draft 2013: Jim Callis changes Red Sox pick in latest mock draft

That's one more vote for Austin Meadows from the prospect analysis crowd.

Mike Stobe

In Baseball America's first two mock drafts, Jim Callis had Loganville High School outfielder Clint Frazier going to the Red Sox at #7. In his latest mock, though, his last before draft day's final update on Thursday, Callis has switched gears, and moved on to a different high school outfielder from Georgia: Austin Meadows.

Meadows, to this point, had only shown up in the mock drafts of Keith Law, and Law recently switched Meadows out to go back to Ryne Stanek a second time. Callis says that Boston is split internally on Meadows vs. Frazier at #7 -- this is something we hinted at on Monday -- so whether Callis' switch to Meadows lasts up through Thursday night is unknown.

Keith Law discussed Meadows in his series of ESPN YouTube videos last month:

Meadows is one of the "tools prospects", which is how you say that he has a lot of physical potential but hasn't developed it into anything yet. Law warns he might be a corner outfielder depending on how his body develops, but does say that the concerns over Meadows energy levels are overblown since his makeup is not considered an issue -- simply playing in the pros might do a lot to curb those issues, or, as his physical tools translate into actual production on the diamond, maybe we'll just consider him one of those players who makes things look easy.

Things like this are what make drafting so difficult, even if you know what you're doing.

Law goes on to praise Meadows' "physicality" while saying he expects him to be off the board within the first 10 picks, a group the Red Sox conveniently exist within.

Callis goes on to echo Keith Law in saying that it's somewhat wide-open for Boston, some of it depending on what others do. If Kohl Stewart falls to #7, he's their preference over the pair of high school outfielders. They might also go with Braden Shipley, should he slip past the Marlins, who have been perpetually linked to him, as well as Trey Ball, Alex Gonzalez, or Ryne Stanek -- no new names, but simply further confirmation that these are the players Boston likes for the seventh pick.

Colin Moran, who was linked to Boston a few times by non-Callis entities, isn't mentioned. My assumption is that Moran is going at #1 to the Astros or at #5 to the Indians, and has almost no chance of slipping any more than that. These things can change, of course -- all it takes is one team doing something unexpected -- but it makes sense in theory.

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