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Jackie Bradley Jr. hits first MLB homer

As you would expect, we have immortalized it in GIF form.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jackie Bradley Jr. had one extra-base hit -- a double -- in his first 12 games in the majors to start the 2013 season. After a demotion, a stint on the minor-league disabled list, and a .354/.457/.544 run at Triple-A Pawtucket, Bradley is back in the bigs once more. This time around, he's hitting, and for some power, and his first major-league homer came on Tuesday night against the Rangers and fellow rookie Justin Grimm as part of that:


Bradley isn't known for home run power in the minors, but this was no cheap shot. It went 416 feet to right, over the visiting bullpen:


It'll be a shame when Bradley has to return to Pawtucket once more, once Boston's outfield has healed up, but at least this time it looks like he'll be going down fighting -- he's hit .294/.294/.588 with two doubles and that homer since his return, and while his season line hasn't recovered just yet, it's heading in the right direction.

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