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David Murphy, MLB... pitcher?

Texas' best of the night, even.

Jim Rogash

The Red Sox scored 17 runs on Tuesday night against Rangers pitching, notching at least one run in all of the first seven innings. That is, at least, until outfielder David Murphy came in to pitch and shut down the Red Sox in the eighth with an assortment of slow pitches that befuddled all non-Daniel Nava Sox. Observe:


I'm pretty sure that WEEI's Mike Salk wins for best reaction to Murphy pitching, though:

It's a good thing the Red Sox won the World Series in 2007, or that mid-summer trade with the Texas Rangers would haunt Boston a lot more than it has the last few years. At least now we can laugh about Eric Gagne's repeated attempts to derail the eventual world champion Sox, thanks to the healing power of David Murphy, MLB pitcher.