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David Ortiz crushes baseball, flips bat

Take that, rain.

Mike Stobe

David Ortiz led off the sixth inning in New York on Sunday, after yet another rain delay -- sans rain -- interrupted. Before he saw the second pitch of the at-bat, it began to actually rain, and Ortiz called time. When he stepped back into the box, he hit a ball over the wall in left against Yankee's starter Hiroki Kuroda, but more importantly, gave us this bat flip while admiring the shot:


As I assume most of you do, I occasionally miss seeing Cody Ross bat flips now that he's left for the Diamondbacks. Nothing Ross did in Boston compares to what Ortiz pulls off here, though, as he is somehow both nonchalant and very purposeful with his flip.

Even better, the ESPN announcers think that this -- and standing to watch his homer streak through the rain and into the stands -- is great, citing the fact this is an "entertainment industry." As it always is, my personal rule tends to be that if you don't like bat flips or hitters watching their shots, don't give up such easily admirable homers. This applies to Red Sox pitchers as well.

To Kuroda's credit, he admires the blast, too, after putting his hands on his hips to brace himself for what he would see once he turned around.

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