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Video: PawSox pitcher Rubby De La Rosa strikes out 7

He's looking more and more like the starter the Red Sox hoped they had acquired.

J. Meric

Rubby De La Rosa isn't a prospect anymore thanks to 60-2/3 major-league innings with the Dodgers back in 2011, but Tommy John surgery that ended that campaign and delayed the start of the next one has him back in the minors again regardless. The 24-year-old is beginning to get a feel for starting once more, though, and it's showing.

On Sunday, De La Rosa struck out seven Syracuse batters, and has footage of that for your enjoyment:

De La Rosa began the season poorly, limited to two-inning stints while he began working his arm back into starter's shape. Since his first three-inning appearance on April 23, however, he's thrown 28-2/3 innings with 31 strikeouts against 14 walks, and managed his longest outing of the year last time out.

The Red Sox are going to need a temporary doubleheader call-up on June 18, thanks to a makeup of April 12's postponed game against the Rays -- if De La Rosa keeps pitching like this, he might end up getting the call this time instead of Allen Webster, who handled those duties in the previous doubleheader. De La Rosa is currently in line to start on the 18th for the PawSox, assuming their five-man rotation stays on its current trajectory.