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CM Punk has never been to Fenway Park

This is a problem that should be fixed.

David Banks

WWE superstar CM Punk is a huge baseball fan, but apparently he has yet to ever see a game at Fenway. Visual evidence:

He's from Chicago, and is a Cubs' fan, so he's used to old-timey ballparks given Wrigley Field. Unlike Wrigley, though, Fenway has already gone through the restoration and renovation process, so maybe it'd be like a glimpse into his home park's future. Also, it's just a great place to see a game now that the owners actually enjoy the place.

You can see how it might be hard for Punk to get to every park he wants to, though, as the wrestling calendar year is jam-packed with travel around the world, and if you're in town, you're often working. Punk is currently on a break, though, at least until later this month when he's scheduled to wrestle at WWE's Payback pay-per-view event in his hometown. So, he's figuring out where he'd like to go on a hockey/baseball trip before that freedom has ended.

My dual enjoyment of both CM Punk and Fenway Park has led me to tell you all about this. Someone let the Red Sox Twitter feed know so they can hook him up, though, by the time you read this, I probably already will have.

(Spoiler: I did, but you should, too.)