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Yankees, Red Sox players afraid of thunder

GIF and video evidence of their jumpiness inside.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes we like to think of athletes as almost superhuman, given their feats of strength and speed and the like. Turns out, though, that they're just like us, and that thunder and lightning totally makes them skittish:


It's hard to see with the rain-soaked camera, but that's Yankees' outfielder Brett Gardner jumping in the lap of Austin Romine like you might see happen to someone spooked in a cartoon. Don't worry, Yankees fans: the Red Sox had their own embarrassing moment during the same booming thunder:


I can't decide between Jose Iglesias' leaning back all relaxed only to curl up and cower once thunder is heard, or if Jarrod Saltalamachia running off post-thunder is the best part of this. You can see the whole thing in video in order to get the full effect with the sounds:

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