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Game 81: Red Sox vs. Jays

Here we are: the halfway point. And we've got ourselves a pretty big series to mark it.

The Red Sox are further ahead than they've been in 2013 at 3.5 up, but the distance to the bottom is short indeed. After an incredible winning streak, the Jays have closed the gap, and have rejoined the pack right as they're getting healthy.

The Sox don't need to go out and sweep the Jays. As is the status quo is just fine for Boston. But if the Jays take three--or God forbid all four--suddenly this will seem a very hairy situation indeed.

So let's get off to a good start. I don't expect much from Lester, but I'd also hope this isn't a "Chien-Ming Wang finds his 2007 form" sort of game. Let's score some runs.

Go Sox!