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Video: John Lackey's career-high 12 strikeouts

The Red Sox starter matched his career-high, set back in 2008, with 12 punch outs on Wednesday.


John Lackey has looked exceptional in 2013, after missing all of 2012 following Tommy John surgery. This was maybe never more evident this season than on Wednesday, when he matched a career-high in strikeouts he set back in 2008, two years before he even joined the Red Sox, by striking out 12 of the 29 Rockies he faced over seven innings, and all without allowing a single walk.

Did you miss it? Do you need visual evidence to confirm that this actually happened? Or do you just want to relive a start that looked a lot like what the Red Sox hoped they were getting when they originally signed Lackey, what now seems like all those years ago? You're in luck, as the video below is a compilation of all 12 of his strikeouts from Wednesday's start.

And, for some reason, also a shallow fly ball to right field hit at Shane Victorino for an out. Someone must have missed that in editing.

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