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Fan on phone catches foul ball at Red Sox game. Sort of.

With emphasis on the sort of.


Technically, this fan on his cellphone at Tuesday night's Red Sox game caught a foul ball off of the bat of Stephen Drew in the first inning.


It's harder to see here, because of the camera switch from the center field camera to one behind Drew, but the ball more falls into this dude's arms than anything after hitting the ground, the top of the wall, and possibly even the guy to his left first -- it's a catch by the strictest legal definition, but it was more happenstance than it was an active attempt to reel in a foul ball. The slow-motion view of this from another angle only makes that more clear:


Maybe I only take umbrage with this due to the fact that (1) he's on his cell phone in the front row, third base side, while a left-handed batter is at the plate (2) he celebrates because a ball basically fell into his lap. Now, if he was celebrating that the ball bounced on the ground rather than his head first, I fully understand his motivations to pop out of his seat with ball in hand.

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