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No timetable for David Ross' return from concussion

Boston's backup backstop could be out for a while with concussion symptoms, leaving Ryan Lavarnway in his place.


David Ross has suffered two concussions in the span of a month, and this latest will keep him out for an undisclosed amount of time. Ross visited concussion specialist Dr. Michael Collins in Pittsburgh last last week, and the result of this meeting was Ross heading home to Florida to recover, with no timetable attached for his return to the Red Sox.

According to Brian MacPherson of the Providence Journal, Ross will visit with Dr. Collins again in early July to see where he is in his recovery. Considering that the Red Sox rotation is in a bit of flux right now, losing out on the top defensive backstop on the roster is an issue -- Ryan Lavarnway, the replacement for Ross on the roster, hasn't proven himself either at or behind the plate in the majors.

He'll get his chance, though, with Ross out and Boston lacking any other viable big-league options to replace their concussed catcher. Lavarnway has hit .286/.353/.429 in five games in the majors this year, and a disappointing .261/.369/.391 for Triple-A Pawtucket, two seasons after posting a 1002 OPS at the level over 61 games. So long as he can avoid struggling like he did in the majors in 2012, though, the Red Sox will likely be pleased with what they get from him in this emergency.