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Koji Uehara will close, at least for tonight

Koji Uehara will close if a save is needed Friday night. But is he the closer, or is this a day-to-day situation?

Jared Wickerham

Koji Uehara has been told that, should a save situation arise tonight against the Tigers, he will be the one to close out the game.

For one game, at least, it's the obvious decision to make. Aside from Clay Buchholz, nobody has been quite as dominant as Koji has been for the Red Sox. Even with a few unfortunate home runs, Uehara has an ERA of 2.10, has struck out 42 batters in 30 innings, and has made a habit of sitting opposing batters down on three pitches, including Evan Longoria or Miguel Cabrera.

That being said, given Koji's age, he makes something of a questionable choice for full-time closer. So it's important to note that Farrell hasn't, in fact, named Uehara the closer full-time. It's possible that's what he meant, but as we've only heard from Koji himself so far, it's not entirely clear where that situation stands. We'll keep you updated as it develops.