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MLB Draft 2013: Red Sox sign 5th-round pick LHP Corey Littrell

Boston inks yet another pick from their first 10 to a below-slot deal.

The Red Sox have officially signed their fifth-round pick from the 2013 MLB Draft, left-handed pitcher Corey Littrell, according to Baseball America's Jim Callis. The Kentucky product signed a deal below the $340,500 that Boston's fifth-rounder was worth, instead signing for $300,000 even.

This means that the Red Sox have even more money to play with for picks outside of the top-10 rounds where the budget comes from. Baseball America reports that the Red Sox are $774,400 under budget, with just three picks left from their top-10 to sign. If you add in the up to five percent over budget Boston can go before incurring the loss of a future draft pick, they're essentially sitting on an "extra" $1,115,900.

Just what the plan is for that money they've managed to save isn't known at the moment, but there are plenty of options, most notably Vanderbilt commitment Jordan Sheffield -- the Red Sox were likely going to need to approach seven figures in order to lure the pitcher -- whom Baseball America ranked the #88 draft prospect this year -- away from his commitment. They've got that cash, though, so maybe that's just what will happen.

Back to players the Sox have signed, though. Littrell was the #130 prospect ranked by Baseball America pre-draft:

The 6-foot-3, 195-pounder usually operates at 89-90 mph with his fastball and maxes out at 92, locating it to both sides of the plate. Some scouts say his changeup is his best pitch, while others point to his newly added cutter, which is tough on lefties. He also can spin a curveball for early-count strikes. Littrell can get wild at times, and his delivery is a little stiff and features a minor wrist wrap in the back, but he still projects as a starter.

A lefty with a wide array of pitches, with the best considered either a cutter or an off-speed? Sounds like a solid deal at #143 in the draft, and they even managed to get him under slot.

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