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Game 68: Red Sox vs. Orioles

From high above they watch us. Their minds--and by this point in their evolution, they are mostly minds--teem with curiosity. Of the universe, of what they haven't seen yet, of our world, of our people.

Their methods are benevolent and unobtrusive, at least to a point. They are not conquerors. What need does their advanced society have for Earth's material wealth or labor, after all, when there are barren worlds to be harvested and machines to do so. But when they must interfere with the natural course of events to achieve their goals, they are not reluctant to do what needs to be done.

This past week they have chosen a subject: the city of Boston, and a research topic: sleep deprivation. They have noticed the curious hold that competitive athletics have on the local population, and have decided to use that to their advantage. A large lead for the local baseball team? The pitcher will suddenly struggle. A close hockey match? Neither goalie will allow anything to get by them. What is viewed as an act of skill or the random variance of luck is in fact all according to their master plan.

It's kinda like those Buffalo Wild Wings commercials. You know the ones.

But...but mysterious! And alien! And...and...

Crap, I've ruined it. Whatever.

Go Sox!