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Red Sox vs. Orioles lineups: Jose Iglesias returns to short

Jose Iglesias returns to his natural position Friday night, getting the start at shortstop ahead of Stephen Drew.

J. Meric

Jose Iglesias is back in the lineup and playing his natural position of shortstop Friday night as the Sox look to rebound from an extra innings loss against the Orioles.

Boston Red Sox (41-27)

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  2. Shane Victorino, RF
  3. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  4. David Ortiz, DH
  5. Mike Carp, 1B
  6. Daniel Nava, LF
  7. Jose Iglesias, SS
  8. Will Middlebrooks, 3B
  9. David Ross, C

Starting Pitcher -- Ryan Dempster

Baltimore Orioles (38-29)

  1. Nate McLouth, LF
  2. Manny Machado, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Adam Jones, CF
  5. Chris Davis, 1B
  6. Matt Wieters, C
  7. J.J. Hardy, SS
  8. Chris Dickerson, DH
  9. Ryan Flaherty, 2B

Starting Pitcher -- Chris Tillman

Yeah, that's Jose iglesias hitting seventh, ahead of Will Middlebrooks and David Ross. And, yeah, crazier still, it's right.

Mike Carp is also in tonight, starting for Mike Napoli, who left yesterday's game with an illness. And he's batting fifth. And that's also not entirely wrong, though a very good argument could be made for Daniel Nava.

And this is not all that unusual a lineup for this 41-27 Red Sox team of ours. This is a strange, strange year. Let's all hope that it stays that way for the time being.