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Red Sox shortstop Jose Iglesias can play a great third base, too

He barely has any experience there, but that doesn't seem to matter much.

Brian Garfinkel

Jose Iglesias entered 2013 without a single inning played at third base in his entire career. He played just one game at the hot corner while with Triple-A Pawtucket earlier this season, to see if he could. Since then, he's started 15 games at the position in the majors, filling in for Will Middlebrooks, a role that earned Iglesias the utility job once Middlebrooks returned.

Plays like the one he made at third base last night are exactly what the Sox were hoping for when they tested him out at the position:


It looks like a good play, but not an amazing one, at first blush. However, remember that he's played roughly about as much at third as a professional as you and I have, yet he displayed the quick reactions and reflexes necessary for the position.

Take a closer look at the coordination on the play:


Iglesias hits the ball with his glove before it can go by, and then corrals it with his bare hand in order to, at the least, keep it in a spot where he can easily pick it up and throw it when he gets up. He fires to first with plenty of time on a strong throw, in no small part thanks to making sure, with both hands at different moments in the play, that the ball remained nearby.

He might not keep hitting forever, but man, that defense.

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