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MLB Draft 2013: Red Sox sign #45 overall pick Teddy Stankiewicz

Boston signs their second-round pick, and under slot to boot.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Pending a physical, the Red Sox have reached agreement with their second-round pick from the 2013 MLB draft, right-handed pitcher Teddy Stankiewicz. As expected, the deal is under the recommended value that the #45 pick in the draft commands, as Alex Speier's source cites $1.1 million for the bonus -- the #45 pick had a recommended slot value of $1,229,600.

That isn't a huge amount of savings on its own, but it's something, as the Red Sox can invest that approximately nearly $130,000 in another draft pick or picks. It's money that can be added to what is essentially the Jon Denney fund: the third-round pick will likely command more money than Stankiewicz, despite the catcher's being drafted after him.

First-round pick and the #7 overall selection Trey Ball is also expected to sign for under slot. If Boston can squeeze $400,000 or more of "extra" budget out of this duo, that should help get Denney most, if not all, of the way.

Back to Stankiewicz, though: Speier says that, should the physical go through without a hitch, the 19-year-old might even begin his professional career with the Lowell Spinners when that club's season begins next week. He's not quite a raw college arm, but that's actually a good thing: he has one season of collegiate experience thanks to his going to a junior college after failing to sign with the Mets in 2012, and that might have helped him combine the youth of a raw teenage pitcher with the more polished approach of an experienced college arm.

It's kind of an odd mix to see in the system, since generally you've got your polished arms or your raw arms, not a Stankiewicz-esque hybrid. It could mean he'll be in Low-A Greenville next spring, though, if the polish he has is enough to get him through the New York-Penn League and his first taste of pro ball.

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