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Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz day-to-day with neck injury

Boston's ace isn't going on the DL just yet, but the Red Sox will monitor his injury in the coming days.

Jim Rogash

Clay Buchholz was removed from Saturday's start against the Angels due to neck tightness, and now, with some of that tightness still there, Red Sox manager John Farrell has stated that Buchholz is considered day-to-day. We won't know if he's capable of making his next start basically until it's time for said start, as Buchholz won't pitch unless he feels completely healthy.

It's not clear if it's connected to the acromioclavicular joint injury that cost Buchholz a start earlier in the year:

"It's close to that AC joint, so I can't say that they're not interrelated at some point, but it was more the result of that awkward throw that started to trigger it, and the cramping that followed," Farrell said.

The throw Farrell refers to came after a Howie Kendrick line drive struck Buchholz in the glove and knocked it off. He made a throw that was, as Farrell said, awkward, and they believe that's the source of this latest injury.

With any luck, a few days' rest will be enough to relieve Buchholz of neck tightness and get him back on the mound where the Red Sox need him. He's been far-and-away their most productive starting pitcher in 2013, with a league-leading 1.71 ERA, 254 ERA+, and career-best 8.6 strikeouts per nine and 2.8 strikeout-to-walk ratio.