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Dan Shaughnessy is 59 years old therefore David Ortiz is cheating

Don't worry I didn't link to it.

Jim Rogash

I'll give Dan Shaughnessy this much credit: at least he went to David Ortiz to ask him silly questions in person rather than just sneakily accuse him of PED use sans a face-to-face. Of course, then he took Ortiz's answers and wrote a column that sure makes it sound like Shaughnessy thinks Ortiz is full of it despite Big Papi saying he's 1) tested constantly for PEDs through both blood and urine tests and 2) clean.

Maybe I should be nicer. That's surely enough to base a column on, right Dean Ambrose?


I guess you're right, Dean. After all, Shaughnessy's "evidence" is that Ortiz is Dominican, still good at baseball, has been injured, and is still able to hit well despite the fact that Dan Shaughnessy can't touch a basketball rim like he could back in high school. No, I'm totally serious, he said that. In a Boston Globe column, in an issue that as far as I know was not handed out for free. (To be fair to the Globe, even they seem to think this Shaughnessy piece is bull.) You can read it if you want, but I'm not going to link you to it, because that's what he wants. If you'd rather give the page view to someone else, Craig Calcattera took out some of the choice quotes at Hardball Talk already, so you can see I'm not just randomly making things up. At least someone isn't.

Normally, I wouldn't even give something like this any attention, because it's Shaughnessy and his whole game is riling people up. That's how he gets his clicks these days, and you can safely ignore pretty much everything he does because of it. But this, this is some high-level trolling. If there were trolling Olympics and this was the qualifying round, his score from this article would make him one of the favorites for trolling gold. Bravo, Dan Shaughnessy. You've still got it at 59, even if you can't touch a rim any longer.

...wait a second. Is Dan Shaughnessy on PEDs?!