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Alfredo Aceves still PawSox starter, not Red Sox reliever

It looks like Alfredo Aceves won't be coming back to Boston just yet after all.

Jim Rogash

If you're the kind of person who never wants to see Alfredo Aceves in a Red Sox uniform again -- come on, we know you're out there -- then here's some potentially good news, courtesy of the PawSox Twitter account:

That's the lineup for Tuesday night, and as you can see, Aceves is still the starting pitcher. Now, before you break out the party favors, be aware of these two things: 1) the PawSox begin at 6:05 pm 2) McCoy Stadium and Fenway Park are less than an hour away from each other. Things could still change, but if they bothered to post the lineups this early, chances are good Aceves is remaining in Rhode Island rather than heading back up I-95 to piggyback Ryan Dempster's start in Boston.

That being said, if Joel Hanrahan does go on the disabled list this afternoon after the Red Sox release the results of his MRI, then someone is going to have to come up from Pawtucket. We're not sure just who that will be, but we do have some guesses, including Ryan Rowland-Smith and Jose De La Torre, both of whom would need to be added to the 40-man roster.

One thing at a time, though: for now, we just know -- or, mostly know, fingers crossed until 6:05 pm eastern on Tuesday night -- that Aceves' is still in Pawtucket for performance reasons, and that Boston's situation is not considered so dire that they feel the need to move off of that path. That's a small blessing in what has otherwise been a terrible couple of days for the Red Sox bullpen.