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Joel Hanrahan's fastball breaks Fenway ad

The Ace Ticket ad was struck by a Hanrahan heater, and did not live to tell the tale.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Hanrahan didn't pitch well on Monday night before exiting with an apparent arm injury, but two positive things came out of the evening. The most obvious is that the Red Sox won, and Stephen Drew busted out after a rough start to the season, getting his revenge on the Twins. The second involves Hanrahan, an errant fastball, and a broken Ace Ticket sign:


You can tell it's broken from this standard camera angle, but who wants to see it all zoomed in and slow-motioned?


It just misses disappearing inside the wall, behind the advertisement, never to be seen again until they replace the now-broken ad, I mean. Now that I think about it, it's probably a really, really good thing a wall-breaking fastball didn't smash into Brian Dozier's skull.

Hopefully nothing is seriously wrong with Joel Hanrahan's arm, and he'll be back in 2013 shortly, but if not, we'll always have the broken Ace Ticket sign.

And Brock Holt!